Carrier KJR-120A Wired Controller

by Carrier

This wired controller is the default controller for the SHDS and SHDV Inverter Ducted systems.

Key features :

  • Wired controller - controller is secured to the wall - never lose the controller again
  • Weekly schedule timer - convenient for setting different schedules on weekends and weekdays
  • Fan speed - 3 fan speeds - Low / Med / High including micro settings within each speed
  • Sleep mode - this function enables the air conditioner to automatically increase (cooling) or decrease (heating) 1℃ per hour for the first two hours, then hold steady for the next 5 hours, after that it will switch off. This maintains both energy saving and comfort in night time operation.
  • Set temperature range - set the minimum and maximum limit for each type of operation including heat and cool to cover variances in weather.
  • Large buttons - for simple and easy operation
  • Lock function - locks the controller so the temperature is stable and unable to be changed, maintaining a more constant even temperature

Other Features

  • Discrete design

  • LCD screen

  • Multiple application



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