Carrier KJR-12B Wired Controller

by Carrier
KJR-12B is the default wired controller for ducted multiple split systems or the optional wired controller for the High Wall multiple split systems and is featured in our brochure.
Key features:
  • Wired controller: Controller is secured to the wall – never lose the controller again
  • Fan speed: 3 fan speeds – Low / Med / High including micro settings within each speed
  • Sleep mode: This function enables the air conditioner to automatically increase (cooling) or decrease (heating) 1°C per hour for the first two hours, then hold steady for the next 5 hours, after that it will switch off. This maintains both energy saving and comfort in night time operation
  • Set temperature range: Set the minimum and maximum limit for each type of operation including heat and cool to cover variances in weather
  • Large buttons: For simple and easy operation
  • Lock function: Locks the controller so the temperature is stable and unable to be changed, maintaining a more constant temperature.

Other Features

  • Run checks remotely

  • Energy saving applications

  • Multi-unit compatible



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