Damper Barrel 10"(250mm)

by Palm Tree Enterprise Australia


Motorized air damper controll 
Electric motor damper 
Damper actuator motor 
Air conditioning damper 
Round volume damper


  • 24Volts,  240Volts. (Votage can be customized).
  • Drive return.
  • Motor switches off when not driving, saving energy and running costs.
  • External indicator shows damper position.
  • Low profile enables damper to fit in tight spaces.
  • Open to closed drive time can be Customized.
  • Powerful 2~5 Nm-torque motor. (Torque can be Customized)
  • Extra long 1.5 meter cord for easier electrical connection. (Cord can be Customized)
  • Quiet operation and Reliable starting and directional stability.
  • Tough external casing, Color can be customized.
  • Plastic shaft adaptor prevents “cold bridging”



HVAC & Ventilation system

Motorized Air damper controll
Air Conditioning Barrel Damper
Round Volume Damper 



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