Fujitsu Classic ASTG34LFCC 9.2 kW Split System Inverter Air Conditioner

by Fujitsu

Product Description :

Fujitsu Classic Range / 9.2kW Cooling – 10.0kW Heating Capacity


Outdoor AOTG34LFTC

Wall mounted split system inverter reverse cycle. R410A refrigerant

Furthermore, Fujitsu Classic is a wall-mount design, energy-efficient air conditioner with cooling only and a reverse cycle. Also, a beautiful design with efficient features. Such as Human Sensor Control, Economy mode to provide users with flexibility and also ultimate control over the comfort of their home

Features :

  • Economy Operation
  • Apple-Catechin filter
  • Long-Life Ion Deodorisation filter
  • 10C Heat Operation

Economy Operation

Economy Operation on the Classic range is an energy-saving mode. It allows the internal unit’s set temperature to fluctuate in 1oC intervals, and also reducing the air conditioner’s maximum energy use.

Apple-Catechin filter

Static electricity attracts fine dust, invisible mold spores, and dangerous bacteria to the filter.  Polyphenol component which extracts from apples helps to block and destroying those bacteria.

Long-Life Ion Deodorisation filter

The filter deodorizes by effectively dissolving absorbed odors by using the oxidizing and reducing effects of ions that normally ultra-fine-particle ceramic produces.

10C Heat Operation

The room temperature may regulate to no lower than 10°C, preventing the room from being excessively freezing while not occupied. This feature makes it a more efficient and stunning example of the latest technology.

Clean Air

The filters use static electricity to clean fine particles and dust that are too small to see, including tobacco smoke and plant pollen.


Inverter technology increases the maximum output of the compressor significantly and enables high power and efficiency.

Mould Filter

An air filter uses static electricity to trap mould spores and other allergy triggers.

Specification :

Indoor Unit ASTG34LFCC
Outdoor Unit AOTG34LFTC
Operation Type   Reverse Cycle
 Power Source V/Ph/HZ 240 / 1 / 50
    Cooling Heating
 Capacity kW 9.2 10.0
 Input Power kW 2.8 (0.59 - 3.54) 3.03 (0.6 - 3.57)
 EER/COP kW/kW 3.29 3.3
 Star Rating   2 2
 Running Current Cooling/Heating Amps 11.8 / 12.8
 Moisture Removal L/Hr 3.5
 Noise Level Indoor Sound Pressure (High/Quiet) dBA 52 / 34
Outdoor Sound Pressure dBA 53
Outdoor Sound Power dBA 67
 Air Circulation (Indoor - High Fan) I/sec 347
 Net DimensionsiHxWxD Indoor Unit mm 320 x 998 x 238
kgs 14
Outdoor Unit mm 1290 x 900 x 330
kgs 86
Refrigerant Type   R410A
 Piping Connections (Liquid/Suction) mm Ø 9.52 / Ø 15.88
 Max. Pipe Length (Precharged Length) m 50 / 20
 Max height Difference m 30
 Operation Range °CDB Cooling: -5 to 46, Heating: -15 to 24
Refrigerant   R410A


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