by Zabdew

The RAG-X one piece construction provides a significantly improved appearance compared to traditional grilles. It is simpler and easier to fit and reduces installation time.


  • Tri Filter for efficient dust removal.
  • High Efficiency Low Static Filter.
  • Black filter to reduce see through effect.
  • Easy filter and grille removal for cleaning or replacement.
  • Large free area for quiet efficient air flow.

More features:

  • Aluminium Filter Frame.
  • Grille release clips are hidden from view but are still instantly accessable.
  • Grille opening can be reversed for ease of use.
  • Attractive Eggcrate grille design.
  • Rigid return air box.
  • Simple clip in installation.
  • Clip on reducers easily accomodate varying duct sizes.

Installation features:

  • 750 x 450/1 x 400mm Round Connector.
  • 900 x 500/2 x 400mm Round Connector.
  • 1195 x 595/2 x 400mm Round Connector.
  • Rigid one piece shell for easy fitment.
  • Quick & easy duct attachment with standard Quick Fix Spigot or Reducer. (Fit the Duct to the collar and then clip on in the roof).
  • Easy attachment to ceiling with wing nut adjustment (No tools needed).
  • Sturdy metal wire clips for long life and no sagging.
  • Filter Grille fits either way & swings out for easy cleaning.
  • Front Grille Clips are positive locking & easy to use.
  • Large free area.
  • Simple slide in/out filter.
  • More air flow effecient egg crate grille style.


  • One piece moulded return air box for strength, no leaks, low noise.
  • All plastic for long life, low noise and corrosion/rust resistance.
  • Reversible grille for easy use.
  • Removable Tri Filter.
  • Aluminium frame filter.





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