Square Swirl Diffusers

by Polyaire

The Square/Swirl electronic diffusers are available in 3 distinctive styles: square to square, square to circular and square to swirl. The square to square and square to circular diffusers produce low noise levels and are designed for general building zones where uniform radial discharge is the preferred supply air distribution pattern. The square to swirl diffuser is a more efficient solution for generating high induction between supply and room air.

Room temperature is controlled and maintained by varying the supply air volume in accordance with demand. Air volume control is achieved through the vertical up and down movement of the control disc mechanism within the diffuser. This increases or decreases the aperture size which allows more or less air to enter the occupied space. This effectively maintains constant air movement in the room at discharge volumes from 100% down to approximately 10%. An electric actuator drives the position of the control disc in response to a signal received from the temperature sensor.



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