Fans – Ventilator – Derby

by Polyaire

A compact, efficient ‘all in one’ ducted ventilator complete with non-return damper and 90 degree takeoff for easy installations in tight areas.


  • Low Profile 90 Degree takeoff for limited access/low roof cavity use.
  • Non return damper prevents backflow of air.
  • Plug in 1.3 metre 240 volt power cord for ease of fitment.
  • Low noise - 42 Decibels @ 1 metre gives unobtrusive everyday use.
  • Face plate removes for easy cleaning.

                              867400 Accessories DerbyVentilator Dia4 Both

  • Low profile/ flush fit to ceiling reduces unsightly shadows.
  • Attractive styling fits with most decors.
  • Uses up to 6 metres of duct.
  • Can be used in bathrooms, toilets, laundry rooms and wherever there is a need to remove air quietly and quickly.
  • Especially useful in apartment/high rise applications where numbers of ventilators can be connected to common duct without any backflow problems.
  • Can also be used for short heat shifter applications.

                            867400 Accessories DerbyVentilator Dia1

 Derby Features Overview:

Installation: Ceiling ONLY
Colour: White
Capacity 144 m3/hr
Wattage: 34 w
Ductable: Yes (100mm duct)
Hole Size: 230mm Square
Installation: Ceiling ONLY
Colour: White
Capacity 234 m3/hr
Wattage: 38 w
Ductable: Yes (150mm duct)
Hole Size: 282mm Square


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