Haier Tundra SER AS35TB1HRA 3.5KW Split Systems Inverter Air Conditioner

by Haier

Haier inverters provide a range of benefits over conventional start/stop systems. These include:

  • Significantly lower running costs compared with conventional systems
  • Quickly and efficiently adjusts the room temperature to your set comfort zone
  • Elimination of temperature fluctuations associated with traditional start/stop systems
  • Greatly reduced system noise both inside and outside the home

Inverter vs Conventional Comparison

Apart from its significantly reduced running costs, inverter technology has two distinct comfort advantages over conventional air conditioners:

  • Whether cooling or heating, it will reach the selected “Comfort Zone” more quickly as shown in the graph
  • It can then maintain operating temperatures within the “Comfort Zone” at all times, which conventional air conditioners are unable to do – also as seen in the graph.

High Efficiency Compressor

Haier twin rotary compressors feature powerful neodymium magnets which are 10 times more powerful than conventional magnets. The result is:

  • Higher energy efficiencies than conventional compressors
  • Wider operating ranges
  • Less vibration, resulting in quieter operation

Greater Energy Savings

Inverter systems deliver substantial energy savings compared with conventional start/stop systems, under normal operating conditions.

Greater Comfort

When an inverter air conditioner is switched on, it supplies the exact power needed to heat or cool the room rapidly. This enables the air conditioner to reach the set temperature in around half the time required by conventional models. Air conditioning noise levels inside and outside the home are dramatically reduced by Haier inverter systems because they always seek the lowest operating level, while providing the maximum heating or cooling effect.

Specification :

Cooling Capacity kW 3.55
Heating Capacity kW 4.0
Indoor Unit Width (mm) 865
Indoor Unit Height (mm) 290
Indoor Unit Depth (mm) 200
Outdoor Unit Width (mm) 780
Outdoor Unit Height (mm) 597
Outdoor Unit Depth (mm) 290



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