New Quick Connect Y Fittings

by Polyaire
Easily click damper or spigot direct to Y Fitting

Modular Design
Interchange spigots and reducers easily.

Easy and Fast
Simple solution to install inline dampers. No need to cut short lengths of duct.

Save time with new ‘Click on’ design. Now installers will no longer have to cut down spigots for duct; and can also eliminate the cutting of duct for dampers. Reducers come in both 1 or 2 step down sizes.

Install, change and reconfigure easily. Smart modular design lets installers change dampers, spigots and reducers with a few short clicks. Dampers can now be clicked direct to fittings, with no need to cut short lengths of duct.

Built to last from industry leading injection moulded plastic. This along with the strong moulded seals, engineered connections between components for strong duct connection onto spigots ensures no air leakage.



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