Samsung ARISE Wind Free AR7500 3.5kW AR12BXECNWKNSA Split System Air Conditioner

by Samsung

Create a refreshing and calming atmosphere inside your home throughout the year with the Samsung AR7500 ARISE Wind-Free Reverse Cycle Split System Air Conditioner.

Built in WIFI Control

  • Features a Wind-Free Cooling mode* to gently and silently disperse cool air through 23,000 micro air holes, which help minimise chances of having an unpleasant feeling of cold wind on your skin
  • Use Wind-Free Good Sleep mode for creating a comfortable and relaxing environment inside your bedroom, making it suitable for a deep, refreshing sleep
  • Tri-Care Filter system lets it thoroughly take out large dust particles, fibres, and other materials to maintain a clean and fresh atmosphere; also has a Zeolite Coating Filter for capturing fine dust
  • Remotely adjust settings via the SmartThings app
  • Outdoor heat exchanger unit has a DuraFin Plus construction for optimum corrosion resistance




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