Toshiba RAV-GM561BTP-A / RAV-GM561ATP-A 5kW Digital Inverter Mid-Static Ducted System 1 Phase

by Toshiba

Ducted air conditioning is a fantastic solution to controlling the temperature of multiple rooms or an entire home. Toshiba’s Inverter ducted air conditioning systems allow you to air condition your home without having to install the indoor units on your wall, making your home look neat and tidy.

The indoor unit is installed in a confined space and ducts run through the ceiling leading to air outlets in your room. Air is allowed into the room through vents on the ceiling or on the wall. Toshiba’s ducted air conditioners are reverse cycle allowing your home to be kept cool in summer and warm in winter, achieving all year comfort.

The Toshiba ducted air conditioner is the ultimate in home heating and cooling. It’s so good at effortlessly keeping you comfortable, you might just forget it’s there.

  • Low profile appearance: when the design and decor of your home are a priority, you need an air conditioner that blends into the background – the ultra-low-profile range of reverse-cycle ducted air conditioners from Toshiba. Their low-profile vents blend seamlessly into your home’s design, providing whole-home heating that looks great.
  • High level of efficiency: the newest Toshiba DC Hybrid inverter technology is included in all of Toshiba’s reverse-cycle air conditioners, along with high efficiency DC twin rotary compressors. That means every unit is extremely efficient, keeping you comfortable without blowing out your energy usage.
  • Whole home heating and cooling: with a ducted reverse-cycle air conditioner, you can heat and cool every room in your home – no matter how many there are! That means you can be warm in winter and cool in summer everywhere in your home, from bathrooms to bedrooms and even the laundry. Don’t sacrifice on comfort and convenience – choose a ducted reverse-cycle air conditioner.
  • Total control: if you choose the optional zoning extra with your Toshiba ducted reverse-cycle air conditioner, you’ll have complete control over your system. Choose which rooms to heat and cool, and at what temperatures. Set each zone to heat or cool at your selected time and control the system from your smart device remotely. You’ll never have to come home to a cold home again.

Specification :

Indoor Model RAV-GM561BTP-A
Outdoor Model RAV-GM561ATP-A
Cooling Capacity (Range) kW 5.0 [1.5 – 5.6]
EER 3.31
Heating Capacity (Range) kW 5.3 [1.5 – 6.3]
COP 3.71
Maximum Operating Current A 15.50
Air flow (H / M / L) l/s 280 / 250 / 200
External Static Pa 30 – 180
Dimensions – Indoor (H x W x D) mm 275 x 700 x 750
Dimensions – Outdoor (Hx W x D) mm 550 x 780 x 290
Weight – Indoor / Outdoor kg 23 / 40
Sound Pressure Level Indoor / Outdoor dB(A) 34 / 48
Operating Range Cooling °C db -15 to 46
Operating Range Heating °C db -15 to 24
Pipe Sizes (Liquid / Gas) mm 6.35 / 12.70
Maximum Pipe Length / Lift m 30 / 30
Maximum Pre-charged Length m 20
Power Supply 1ph/220-240V/50Hz




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