ZoneTouch V2 Kit 24V

by Polyaire

ZoneTouch V2 Main Module, ZoneTouch V2 Touch Pad, NEAT 24V Transformer, Control Cable 12M, Data Cable 12M, Expansion Module + Lead & Plugs (Where necessary)

Key Features

• Immediate comfort with 1 touch
• Control up to 16 Zones
• High Resolution, 5 x 4" (12.7 x 10cm) Touch Screen Display
• Weekday, Saturday and Sunday (5-1-1) timer
• Digital Personalisation of Zone names

ZoneTouch is designed to give you complete control over the amount of air conditioning provided to all individual areas of your home. You not only have the ability to turn zones on and off as needed but also to control the volume of air delivered into each zone which is so refined that you can adjust it in 10% increments.



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