Linear Slot Diffuser - Fixed Core

by Polyaire

Slot diffusers can be installed individually in set lengths or in a continuous line. They can also be installed in any type of ceiling application.

The modules are available with a 20mm or 25mm Slot with the number of slots ranging from 1 to 8 slots and are further available as fixed or removable core. (Fixed Core – Model LSD-FC, Removable Core – LSD-RC.

 The air pattern control is adjustable from the diffuser face and is achieved by means of an adjustable pattern control with each slot, enabling a full 180º air pattern adjustment. The suggested volume control should be from the main duct run take-off, or from a butterfly damper fitted to the inlet of the cushion head box.

Construction is from extruded aluminium and the recommended maximum length for each section is 3 metres. Standard finish is powder coat white while other finishes are available to suit the interior and architectural design requirements.


Item # / Slot Slot Width (mm) Nominal Neck Size (mm/inch) Face Size (mm/inch)
245297 / 1 20 1200x35 / 47x1 1242x86 / 49x3
245298 / 2 20 1200x69 / 47x3 1242x124 / 49x5
245310 / 3 20 600x102 / 24x4 642x162 / 25x6
245299 / 3 20 1200x102 / 47x4 1242x162 / 49x6


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