Polyaire Return Air Grille with Hinged Filter Type EC-HF

by Polyaire

The Polyaire Model EC-HF Return Air Egg Crate Grille & Filter is the one product which offers complete and simple service ability for all situations.

A unique design which can easily be installed and offer the latest in disposable filter pad technology. Ideally suited to environments where regular maintenance of the filter media is a concern, the Return Air Egg Crate Grille & Filter is designed for quick, simple filter pad change.

The actual filter pad is a product of exhaustive research by one of the world’s largest air filtration authorities with approval from the American Underwriters Laboratories.

A distinct black coloured filter media shows dirt and particle build up and provides for ready inspection prior to replacement as required.

Filters are available upon request.

  • Hinged return air grille complete with filter.
  • Suitable for most domestic applications.
  • Washable/removable filter.
  • White powdercoat finish.
  • Size range begins at 250mmx250mm through to 1210mmx605mm.
  • Face size measurment variations to suit grid or suspended ceilings are available also.




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