Double Deflection Register – Removable Core

by Polyaire

Universal outlets or Double Deflection Grilles are generally used in sidewall applications. They consist of two separate rows of individually adjustable vanes - front and rear.

The Front Vanes are horizontal so the primary air leaving the outlet is directed above the room occupants and does not reach the breathing zone until well mixed with the secondary room air.

The Rear Vanes are vertical and are used to direct the air in a straight blow or spread the air as required by the room layout. If required, air can be directed at an angle to one or both sides, and still retain a near parallel air stream pattern.

The usual settings, however are straight blow, semi-divergent or fully divergent blow. The blow distance decreases with a greater air spread and the performance charts indicate three different types of blow for normal vane settings. A straight blow pattern without obstruction diverges approximately 7 each side of straight, making a total included angle of approximately 14?. A fully divergent blow spreads approximately 30? each side making a total included angle of approximately 60? when using a grille wide enough to attain this spread.






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