Floor Grille – Metal

by Polyaire


  • The 350 x 150 is suitable for air conditioning systems or a dual gas / cooling system.
  • The 300 x 100 is used mainly for gas ducting heating only due to lower airflow delivery.
  • Available in many colours.
  • Floor diffuser controls airflow into a room
  • Made of 1.2mm high grade pressed steel
  • Brown powder coat finish
  • Dampers control the amount and direction of air floor
  • Ideal for high traffic areas

Size and Dimensions

Item # Nominal Neck Size (mm/inch) Face Size (mm/inch)
244119 300x100 / 12x4 345x145 / 14x6
244118 350x150 / 14x6 405x205 / 16x8


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