POLYAIRE - Multi Directional Grilles (MDO-S)

by Polyaire


The new Polyaire MDO-S (Multi Directional Outlet) is the latest addition in our family of grilles.


  • Made from tough engineering grade plastic.
  • Comes in four sizes – 230, 300, 350 and 400.
  • Shares the same biscuits as the current MDO-X.
  • The same face and neck sizes as the current MDO-X.
  • Square corners on the face.
  • The same etching pattern on the face as the current MDO-X.
  • Four spring loaded clips with locking mechanism at the corners.
  • More features:

    • Delivers air flow with directional control adjustment from the room.
    • Low resistance to airflow (correct installation).
    • Fits various ceiling types and thickness.
    • Suitable for all wet areas.
    • Easy to clean.
    • Will not corrode and is suitable for high salt content areas.
    • A softer, more contemporary appearance with wider flanges, fillet corners and edges.
    • Snap-In feature holds the biscuit firmly – less likelihood of dislodging when adjusting or cleaning.


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